Create a Coaching Culture...


Clients say…

  • “Nobody can agree what great coaching looks like and coaches don’t know what skills to fix first.”
  • “We know what to measure but not how to help employees improve.”
  • “We’ve tried to get leaders coaching half the time but it doesn’t stick. They don’t find the time!”
  • “Agents don’t like the coaching they’re getting.”

If you’re looking for a proven coaching and leadership development system to finally gain traction and to accelerate results – you might be ready to switch gears!

We’ve installed our coaching system over 160 times and it improved results and culture every time!

Readiness, Design & Motivation

Readiness, Design & Motivation
  • Customization Review – Understand what specifically needs to change (and don’t throw out what works). What has caused us to fail previously or will slow us down? Where will the ROI come from?
  • “Clear the Path” for coaching – Doesn’t matter how skilled they are if they don’t make / have the time to do it.
  • The Launch – All leaders together in a high-energy kickoff! Put the past-in-the-past and march out with renewed confidence and direction!!

Continuous Learning & Application

Continuous Learning & Application
  • 8-10 months of Skill Development – Incremental learning is the only way! Foundational techniques, lots of practice! Create mutual purpose.
  • Peer Review and Skill Sharing – Add collaborative peer learning in between workshops.
  • Best Practices – Collaborate to grow a library of skills.
  • Advanced Coaching Strategies – Don’t falter as business objectives change – adapt and keep seeing the BIG picture!


  • Coach the Coach – Coaching is an advanced skill! How does each level help the one below? Sustainability in action!
  • Handing off the System – You have to run it once we leave! We show you how!
  • “We witnessed real success stories from your coaching program. We saw a significant and positive trend reversal in AHT, we improved our year over year ASA, and we improved to a 98.8% accuracy rate while achieving revenue growth and reducing costs.”

    Dean Turchiaro | Director - Field Effectiveness, Ceridian Canada Ltd.