Impress with the best in service...


Clients say…

  • “We need advocates but too many agents are not accountable, transferring customers instead of solving it.”
  • “We have a call flow but they don’t follow it.”
  • “They really struggle dealing with upset customers and what to say.”
  • “We just can’t get a consistent service experience over 1000s of interactions.”

In poll after poll about brand loyalty, two-thirds said that the key reasons they stick with (or leave!) a company was their last few experiences with your service reps.

If “loyalty is the absence of a better option”… always be your customers best option.

Our Customer Experience Blueprint gives the consistency you want across all your channels!

Designing Your Customer Experience Blueprint

Designing Your Customer Experience Blueprint
  • The Customer Experience Blueprint (CEB) – A repeatable map that shows agents and leaders how to deliver WOW every time!
  • Collaborative Buy-in Built by agents for agents.TM Top performers helping others. Faster acceptance = 180° Results.
  • Strategy = Consistency – The CEB is “the umbrella” over all other best practices. Allows agents to excel in real-time and “insert here” at each stage of the process.

Applying Customer Experience Best Practices

Applying Customer Experience Best Practices
  • Core techniques – Stitching together service and sales so they work as an integrated approach. Built on trust.
  • Advanced techniques – Build agent confidence to handle the tougher scenarios.
  • Coaching is Key – Integrated into our “The Discipline of Great Coaching” system.

Measurement and Results

Measurement and Results
  • However you measure Customer Satisfaction – Top Box, Net promoter score, Likelihood to Recommend… moving the needle is not from ONE BIG idea but the execution of 1000s of little moments. Consistency across all channels is key!
  • Diagnosing for Results – Linking specific individual and team level behaviours to customer survey results – diagnosing WHY scores go up / down.
  • “As a site with a team of 130, we went from 68% to 102% of targets in less than 6 months!  Most of the team did not think that was possible – thought they had to choose service or sales but couldn’t do both and never understood that you have to repeat the right process and techniques until you get it right and THEN you get the results!  It was a real wow for the entire team.”

    Ivett Castillo | Customer Experience Leader - TELUS International