Make sales go up...


Clients say…

  • “Too many agents want to do service, not sales.”
  • “We do contests and spiffs but only the top performers seem to care about that.”
  • “The team leaders don’t know what sales coaches are supposed to do every day.”
  • “A few try but it comes out pushy or awkward. Then they won’t try anymore.”
  • “Our sales targets are a lot higher so we have to get a lot better.”

If you have a big target and not much confidence it will be met, or need to get the “other half of the team” to sell, give us a call.

The SwitchGear Sales Acceleration System produces a sales culture that has fun selling AND improves customer service while doing it.

Vision and Customized Design

Vision and Customized Design
  • What is Your Vision? – Does the operation want to do better in sales? Our “Sales is Service” approach includes “where will we be in 12-months?”
  • Breakthrough Thinking – What motivates your agents to sell, NOT sell?! You have limiting beliefs to overcome from both agents and coaches.
  • Design the Process – Is there a consistent, well executed selling process? Sales Training Strategy? Sales coaching process? HOW will we increase Sales and improve Service at same time?

Training and Coaching Application

Training and Coaching Application
  • Agent Workshops – Learn + practice a specific selling process and techniques to build trust and help customers feel confident to buy.
  • Sales Coaching / Leader Workshops – Teaching Sales Coaches how to generate energy / create team focus every day!
  • Improving Diagnostics – Agent MET / NOT MET. Month over month. Who is improving?  Surgically target your coaching.
  • Weekly Accountability – Between workshops help coaches with follow-up / hold them accountable to lead the revenue acceleration!


  • Coach the Coach – Sales coaching is an advanced skill! How does each level help the one below? Sustainability in action!
  • Handing off the Process to Sales Leaders … so you can run the system once we go!
  • “SwitchGear got us these year over year results: sales revenues increased over 12%, customer satisfaction scores improved from 55% to 70%, with a 13% improvement in employee SAT. “Their energy level was infectious and they were always ready with unique ideas that engaged us in solution sales.”

    Ravi Nayak | Sales Manager - The Loyalty Group, AIR MILES