Optimize vendor relationships...


Our industry is too frequently stuck in an antagonistic relationship between you and your 3rd party outsourcer. Ongoing performance issues, low investment in improvement, defensive posturing, and frustration are all persistent traits of our industry.

Wherever you are now:

  • You may be looking for a Vendor…
  • You may need a consistent Management Operating System to work with multiple Vendors…
  • You may be stuck with poor Vendor performance…

Wherever you are on the Partner Life-Cycle, SwitchGear can put in place all or parts of a system designed to achieve an outstanding yet cost effective customer experience.

Finding a Partner

Finding a Partner
  • Best Fit – Which vendor is the best fit for your customer experience, top line revenues? Can vendor handle YOUR growth? Regulatory? Are they good or exceptional?
  • The Right Contract – “Lowest-cost at all costs” can instill the wrong vendor behaviours. What needs to be in a contract?
  • Setting up a Win/Win partnership – Tough penalties and early compliance establish a defensive relationship. How to get everyone aligned with less stress?

Managing a Partner

Managing a Partner
  • Management Operating System – Most managers ask for too much data, not enough accountability, and quickly end up in an adversarial relationship. The right MOS will provide a systematic approach for day to day interactions with your vendor that accelerate performance.
  • Aligning the Teams – Performance is hard to drive when the wrong people with competing accountabilities are all involved in giving the Vendor instructions. Role clarity is critical!

Fixing a Partner

Fixing a Partner
  • The End Game – Before the inevitable and painful step of replacing our vendor, what can we do to right the ship? But first, let’s do the audit and describe before we prescribe.
  • The Fix – Depending on what services they provide, the entire relationship (as per above boxes) may need a small or large facelift. And if replacement is needed, we can help you avoid doing the same thing again.
  • “From the first day that we were exposed to the energy and expertise that SwitchGear brought to our site, we knew we had made the right decision.  They completely customized the program to suit the call types that we handled, and consistently went well beyond our expectations.”

    Kevin Marchment | Senior Manager - Operations, HGS